EZE’s Manifest Destiny
The Story
Over the last 2 centuries, humanity has reduced its synergistic coexistence with the planet Earth to one of unrestrained exploitation.
This excessive consumption of our natural resources is most evident in our relentless pursuit of fossil fuels as a source of energy. These fossil fuels, when used to create energy, are the leading cause of climate change. And individual mobility—driving a conventional gasoline powered car—is one of the largest offenders.
Electromobility, however, provides us with a responsible alternative to combat climate change.
One which ensures individual mobility and protects the environment.
Renewable energy By using renewable energy sources — sun, water, and wind — electromobility does not deplete our fossil fuels.
And the recycling of old batteries to harvest and reuse their rare earth metals further protects our natural environment. It enables a sustainable future. One where our children and our children’s children can live without the fear and devastation of climate change.
Not only does electromobility allow us to protect our natural resources, it does much more. It gives us the opportunity to completely rethink the way we travel, park, and “fill the tank” – enabling a complete paradigm shift. No longer does the driver have to be concerned with “making an additional trip the gas-station”; to endure the overwhelming sink of the gasoline; to suffer the frustration of wasted time; to personify the “let’s get it over with” mentality—pumping the tank full as quickly as possible. Those times are over.
Enter the brave new world of electric charging infrastructure.
Charging made EZE
It’s about keeping people and machines mobile. Freeing them to focus on their destination whether it is where they live, work, shop, play sports, worship whatever, wherever.
Park. Plug in, Charge. The car no longer has to travel to the gas station – instead, the charging station is located directly where the person wants to go. No side trips, no wasted time.
And your battery is full when you return. It’s that simple.
Park, Plug in & Charge
Thus, our core challenge today is to make local electromobility a viable alternative. This is only possible if the charging facilities are easily accessible, hassle-free, and sustainable.
In this new paradigm, however, there is one scenario where the “charge it fast” mentality still makes sense – long distance travel. Here special, high speed DC infrastructure is required. However, forcing large quantities of electricity under extreme pressure into a battery is not sustainable. It causes the battery to deteriorate rapidly, and the additional costs to provide these facilities —infrastructure capable of handling high voltage electricity – are enormous. While this infrastructure is also necessary, it should be used with care and installed only where needed.
And they must be ubiquitous — located at all key destinations.
These facilities also need to use the existing low voltage infrastructure in cities and towns and provide AC charging capabilities. This will preserve the cars' battery and increase its longevity while avoiding unnecessary waste. And, of course, using the charging station should be easy, the prices transparent, and the payment process simple, just like in your local supermarket. And the charging station must be maintained 24/7.
If all of this can be provided and be profitable at the same time, then the charging facilities are also sustainable. It will be attractive not only for the users, but also for all those who provide parking sites for the charging stations.
Climate Crisis
This is eze.network’s vision and mission.
We make charging easy — for the customers and the parking site owners by building long-term, financially attractive partnerships with both.
Advancing electromobility and making our contribution to reducing climate change, Eze – Rethinking charging to change the world.
We embrace environmental accountability. What about you?
Driving the Green Revolution